The Sculptures

Jimmy Sculpting

"I am also a sculptor of soapstone for relaxation and have had exhibitions of my artwork.   I have sold quite a few pieces. I really don’t have a theme when I start a sculpture. The rock guides me to the final sculpture. I think that is true for many creative sculpture artists. I have done over three hundred sculptures, over the last five years." (JCB in 2000, For Mother's Sake)


[See photos of the exhibition held over the end of October 2015 to mark the 7th anniversary of Jimmy's death on November 1st 2008  - Visit  The Galerie: exhibition] 

Raw Stone Block



Jimmy fashioned all his pieces by hand, from blocks of soapstone using handsaws, files, sandpaper and polishing cloths. Even the smaller pieces - broaches and pendants - could take a number of hours to fashion.



Broaches & Pendants

Jimmy would display his broaches and pendants for sale at gigs alongside his music & DVDs. Many have an Indian theme.  We have very few of these left - you can choose one for free when you buy 4 CDs from The Record Store


Ornamental Sculpture

Jimmy also created larger sculptures - some purely ornamental, some with a functional use - such as a bowl - and a number of complex examples consist of more than one piece of sculpting.


Photo Galleries

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The Exhibition


[If you own a piece of sculpture by Jimmy that is not shown herein, I would like to hear from you so it can be added to the 'Private Hands' galleries.]


L.G. Monika Black


A Note on the cataloguing:

Jimmy seldom named any of his sculptures. However, to help you search the Galleries, or visualize the ornamental sculptures, they have been catalogued using a descriptive name rather than just the uninformative catalogue number. 


[Photos: Jimmy busy working a piece of sculpture; raw stone cut by Jimmy from unformed block; front page of photo album, 1997 Exhibition, Bad Boll, Germany]