2000 Motels

Apart from being the star turn on Frank Zappa's "200 Motels", Jimmy was as often filmed as he was photographed, or asked for an interview.

The fascination was Frank Zappa, of course, and Jimmy was an acolyte who could get one closer to 'the man'; but Jimmy also created his own legend with his immortal statement: "Hi boys and girls, my name's Jimmy Carl Black and I'm The Indian of The Group!"

Honest to a fault, Jimmy had genuine grievances with the way in which Frank stole the Mothers of Invention band for himself.

Never daunted, Jimmy reinvented his career as a musician again and again, featuring in bands that made a mark as well as those that didn't. He was recorded playing so often, in pictures and videos or just sound that you can spend a lot of hours watching and listening to Jimmy online as well as reading about him. Just look at how many music album titles you'll find him on. Not to mention the video titles!

So, if you follow Jimmy's 'partial' history gigging on The Gig History pages, '2000' Motels doesn't seem far off the count for his near 50 years of banging the drums!

Jimmy's most famous outing was, of course, as Lonesome Cowboy Burt in the movie "200 Motels". He wore the tassled Indian leather vest shown below for the performance and which, unlike his Letterman Cardigan, he didn't leave in Frank Zappa's care. Jimmy added the colored beads himself at a later date.

Indian Leather Vest frontIndian Leather Vest back
Zappanale Festival - Bad Doberan Germany- Riding InIndian Leather Vest Signed by JCB

Moni would welcome ideas on what do with this special memento and is open to serious suggestions!