80th Anniversary newsletter

Just a reminder to all Jimmy's fans: Feb 1st 2018 marks the 80th anniversary of Jimmy's birth in El Paso Texas.
In 2013, Tom Black revamped Jimmy's website, giving it a new look to reflect Jimmy's passing.
As we worked through the materials and resources Jimmy left behind, pages have been added to the website.
These include:
* "For Mother's Sake" - Jimmy's Memoirs, published posthumously on Nov 1st 2013, honoring Jimmy's last wish, first in paperback and then as an e-book.
* "Uncle Jimmy's Little Online Record Store" - reopened for fans and visitors at discounted prices, CD, DVD and Vinyl sales help keep the website going.
* "Where's the Beer and when do we get paid?" - filmed in Germany in 2008, first shown in 2012, the movie reflects on the life of a modern day troubadour.
* Photo Galleries: of Jimmy's prodigious output of sculptures; of Jimmy's prodigious output of music; of concert posters collected by Jimmy.
* Comprehensive but still incomplete lists of where and with whom Jimmy gigged down the years.
* Recollections of times with Jimmy by other musicians. You must read the Buddy Owen saga, recalled by Jimmy in his book but further elaborated on by Dennis Young.
* Long lists of links - you can still see Jimmy 'out there' in the Cloud - still talking, singing, playing and dancing.
But there's more to be done:
We started Inkanish Publications in 2012 to consolidate and release Jimmy's artistic output to the public again: to fulfil his last wish; to honour his memory; because of his importance to the history of rock music.
Jimmy's trove of live and studio recordings has still to be processed, including analogue & digital music & video reaching back to the 1970s. This is a very big job. It's going to be costly and time-consuming work. Any ideas, other than trash the lot?
The website isn't much visited these days, except by machines trying to leave unwanted ads. Jimmy's fan-base is 10 years older and maybe smaller.
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We thank you anyway.
Julian Smith,
PP: Moni Black; Tom Black