***February 01 2019 - 81st Anniversary Newsletter***

Hi everyone,

To commemorate the 81st Anniversary of  Jimmy's birthday on the first of February we have a special sale on at JimmyCarlBlack.com.

Alas, since Jan. 1st, the cost of international post from Germany has doubled - all to do with new ways to tax online sellers.

To counter this, we are offering free or discounted post to EU countries and world-wide, on sales of CDs and rare 7" vinyl Singles

- all featuring Jimmy on drums, and singing of course;

- or talking - as he does on his audio memoirs

We also have some copies of the movie - 'Where's the Beer and when do we get -paid?' available on DVD [PAL]. 

Of course, there's a catch - but we are offering good deals. Visit the 'Record Store' at jimmycarlblack.com to check them out.

In truth, we have only six of the over 100 CD & DVD releases that Jimmy features on left in stock, and the number of each is dwindling.

For example, we have only two copies of the classic 'When Do We Get Paid?', a compilation of Jimmy's music to that date - 1996 - and remastered in 2008 by Crossfire Records. Now might be a good time to check us out, don't you think? 

We welcome your visiting Jimmy's website – which  Jimmy started as a vehicle to promote his music. We have kept the site going to run 'Uncle Jimmy's Online Record Store' as he called his home business, as well as to keep him in mind.

We also offer some of Jimmy's own hand-crafted sculptures for sale now. He produced many fine pieces from soapstone - large ornamental pieces as well as small jewellery pieces. You might just like to view the sculpture galleries - Jimmy crafted 100s of interesting pieces.

But forgetting sales - every year, we add a bit more content to the website. Fans contribute materials - such as encounters with Jimmy - or we dig out more stuff from Jimmy's cache of memorabilia. So if you haven't visited the site since last year's newsletter, you might like to ...

Thanks for your continued interest,

Julian Smith,

PP: Moni Black; Tom Black