The Music of The Jack & Jim Show

A long gallery here, illustrating the long relation between Eugene Chadbourne and Jimmy

They first played together in 1991, toured Europe extensively from 1993-5 culminating in a tour of the States in 1995

They then took a long break 

In 2001, they began touring together again in Europe, culminating in 2007's "Tour69" which also included the States

Their swansong was a short tour of Japan in 2008

Note: Most of their music was recorded in concert. Both Eugene & Jim released versions of the same recording under their respective labels, so you will come across some cover variations (at least)

1994 Sun Ra Tribute1994 Locked in a Dutch Coffee Shop1995 Pachuco Cadaver2003 Live Ceder Cultural Center
2003 The 7th Street Entry Nightshift2000 Uncle Jimmy´s Master Plan2000 The Perfect C&W Duo´s Tribute2000 The Early Years
2001 Don't Burn the Flag Burn the Bush2001 Reflections and Exeriences of Jimi Hendrix2001 A Spaced Odysessy2002 The Taste of the Leftovers
2002 Jimi 22002 The Best of J&JS Sampler (Vol 1)J&J Play Zappa2003 Orange Claw Hammer
2003 Live at ZappanalleWell Be Together Again2007 Hearing is Believing 
2007 Live in Venezia2007 Live in Pula Croatia2008 Think69 Tour

2008 Live in KC

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2008 Live in Nagoya


We Don’t Have This In The Home

(14 tracks)