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Cataract Jump CD 1996 - Liner Notes
The phone rang and Jimmy was on the line. I couldn't believe it. I had most of the records that he had recorded with the Mothers when I was a teenager, 25 years ago. As it turned out, Jimmy only lived ten miles away from me so we decided to start this new band: farrell & black. We hit it off right away. Jimmy comes from El Paso and plays great Texas style blues and blues-rock. When I met Jimmy I knew that he had been in Zappa's 200MOTELS with Ringo Star but didn't know that he started out in Texas as a blues drummer and that he had been on stage with rock and roll legends to the likes of Freddie King, Hendrix, Howlin' Wolf, Eric Clapton, Janis Joplin and the list just goes on and on..... When I think about it, it still blows me away! I think I would probably give away my best guitar, a 30's Gibson, just to play one or two tunes with the "Wolf". Jimmy's singing (like Beefheart's) is definitely influenced by Howlin' Wolf and his drumming is solid and soulful with a heavy backbeat on the snare - just what I was looking for. Jimy Carl Black, the Indian of the group, the Cheyenne Indian, the Texan, the blues drummer and singer, the rock legend.. ...thanks for everything.
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On Tour in The USA - Fall 1999

I liked Rick very much from the beginning and we discussed putting a real blues band together. I had two tours to do before we could start.  When I got back in June [1995] we started gigging...To me, Rick is one of the best guitar players that I have ever played with. Then I found out that he’s just as talented as a singer and harp player...

[JCB Memoirs - For Mothers Sake]

Jimmy meets Moni at This Gig 1997


The Farrell & Black at The Blue Cat Blues Dallas Nov 10 1999