Grandmothers 2000

GMs EU Tour 2000 Poster

We started a three-week tour of Austria and Germany in Greifenburg, Austria and then about 30 km from where I live at the Kleinekunstbühne in Obing, Germany. They were both great gigs and it was good to be back out on the road with the boys...

 ... It was, all in all, a great tour and a great way to start the millennium [JCB Memoirs]


"... and (Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls): ..with Jim as the lead vocalist and a new line-up and show, the '98 and early 2000 Europe tours were the best that any GM band had ever played, according to somebody who've seen them all"
[Sandro Oliva]


The Indian
GMs Play Seattle

Grandmothers Tour of USA


GMs 2000 Tour of USA 2000

GMs Play Seattle
Three Sisters Park, Chillicothe, ILPlaying at Johnny Dee'sGeorgia Theatre, Athens

 The 2000 US tour itself had good and interesting moments, in spite of:






[Sandro Oliva]


In the The JCB Story  (audio) [Jon Larsen, 2007]

  JCB reminds us that he was 62, Bunk Gardner 67 and Don Preston 68 at the time of this marathon tour, 60 gigs in 66 days and over 27,000 km of travelling


[Read Jimmy’s Memoirs for more!]