Think69 US Tour 2007

To mark Jimmy's 69th year, the aim of the Think 69 tour was to play 69 gigs in 2007, touring Europe and the States

The guys didn't quite make it but they played over 50 gigs! [see For Mother's Sake]


2007 Think69 US Tour.jpg


"The Jack and Jim Show play a wonderful combination of styles associated with both players, in most cases creating a transformation into something else. "Willie the Pimp" of Zappa becomes an oldstyle country blues, for example. Jazz, psychedelic rock, standards, blues, country and western, bluegrass, native American Indian music and folk rock are all part of a typical evening with Jack and Jim. Eugene plays guitar, banjo and sings."

[Posted by Jhain on, Madison, WI, Oct 10 2007]